Recovery Progress

Happy New Year, Ladies and Gentlemen. My recovery from the thumb surgery is on track. I expect to be back to normal by March or April. At the moment, I can only play cowboy chords, no barred ones. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Bad to the Bone

Bill is undergoing reconstructive surgery on his left hand come December. Therefore, he is unavailable to perform music until late March at the earliest.


Remembering Dr. Lee Harrod

My good friend and former professor Dr. Lee Harrod passed away the day before Bloomsday this past June. He was a renowned Joyce scholar with whom I had the pleasure of interacting in many ways, especially at TCNJ and The Evergreen Forum.

J-100 pick guard

The clear J-100 pick guard I ordered from Greasy Groove in Canada arrived today. You can barely see it but it’s now on my CJ-165. No pick guard was installed in the Boseman factory. I wanted a clear one so the abalone inlay around the sound hole would remain visible.